I am a graphic designer and illustrator currently based in Los Angeles. 

Raised in Atlanta, I spent most of my time exploring fine art working with various media such as watercoloring, oil painting, sculpting, and printmaking.

As a student, I attended Georgia State University where I was the Mark Phillips Scholarship nominee for excellence in the Ernest G. Welch School of Art and Design and selected for the Georgia State University Undergraduate Research Conference. In 2017, I earned my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in graphic design.

Since graduating college, I have worked doing website design, branding, and social media graphics for various clients including Star HR, Nubia Natalie, and Spanish Sin Pena

Most recently I have served as the lead graphic designer at Career Contessa where I was responsible for creating e-guides and downloadable resources, designing various web pages, making design templates for social media posts, and branding e-courses.

I consider myself a lover of all things hand-made, but all about embracing technology and its advances. I live for work that includes both those elements—high tech, lo-fi—and enjoys mixing clean-cut designs with raw and real touches. I tend to bring a sense of humor to my work, and strongly believe that having fun is crucial to the design process. Feel free to say hey or check out my resume!